We believe that together,
we can solve it.

Abaadi partners with local organizations, governments, and individuals to achieve and maximize its impact. Know that 100% of you support as a volunteers or donors goes a long way to achieving our mission.

Our Work

Some of their specific programs and initiatives include;


Providing access to quality education, including scholarships, teacher training, and curriculum development, to support students in underprivileged communities.


Addressing health challenges in the region by funding research and development of new treatments, providing medical equipment and supplies, and supporting health education initiatives.

Economic Development

Supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job-training programs to help individuals and communities become self-sufficient and economically stable.

Join our Donors and Volunteers

Together we make an impact

The Abaadi Center focuses on empowering communities in the Middle East and North Africa. We are happy that you desire to support our work through financial contributions and volunteer opportunities.

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